António Mota
To all our Staff,

Think Sustainably, Act Responsibly

Creating value through a clear strategy focused on growth and diversification, managing risks and taking advantage of opportunities constitute, for us, a condition essential to the long-term solidity and sustainability of the Mota-Engil Group.

This has always been our purpose and our vocation.

Today, creation of value cannot be dissociated from the dissemination, within the organisation, of a framework of shared principles that will allow us to strengthen our internal cohesion, to rise to thresholds of excellence and to make us ever stronger and more competitive.

In this way, we shall be more able and better prepared to tackle, serenely and in confidence, the challenges that are faced every day in the lives of companies.

As a part of these principles, we believe that a successful value-creation strategy must be based on a firm, stable commitment to ethically, socially and environmentally responsible management, embracing social and environmental concerns in the way in which we think and in what we do.

The guiding principles and criteria of the Group’s sustainability and its Social Responsibility programme seek to respond to this challenge through a number of activities that will allow us to meet our goals.

Internal communication is a decisive part of our sustainability strategy and a fundamental instrument of strategic alignment, of disclosure of what we are thinking and doing, of cohesion and of sharing values.

With the campaign that is now getting under way, the theme “Think sustainably, act responsibly”, which is transverse to the entire Group, our intention is to disclose to every one of our employees the issues of the sustainable development and social responsibility of our companies.

The campaign will take place throughout the whole of 2008, broken down into a number of simple, appealing communication supports that will allow it to reach the employees of every company in every geographic region.

We shall thus seek to enhance the knowledge and awaken the interest of all in these issues, passing on a set of suggestions and recommendations, calling on the Mota-Engil Community and stimulating its awareness of a matter that we wish to instil in the minds, in the attitudes and in the gestures of the life of each one of us.

António Mota
Mota-Engil, SGPS
Chairman of the Board of Directors